The Rich and Famous Dean Turner Jeffrey Hoad Dean Reeson.jpg


The Rich and Famous shot into the top 20 on the Independent Music Network Mainstream Charts this week with the title track from their new EP, TAKE US TO YOUR LEADER. The Australian rockers released their new CD in June of this year to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

This latest top 20 chart placing is a continuation of their current hit-song streak, and some might say, Midas touch. The bands new music is no stranger to ranking with Blast Off, Dirty Music and Strict Discipline all number one hits on numerous independent music charts since their release.

Operating from Los Angeles, The Independent Music Network promote independent artists and bands to the music world and have amassed an impressive list of commercial radio stations who broadcast their syndicated mainstream and country programs throughout their networks.

As previously predicted, Take Us To Your Leader has been hard to ignore. The bands’ new music has also been solidly supported on Australian radio. Tracks from the new EP have received airplay on stations around the country such as Triple R in Melbourne, 107.3HFM in Western Australia, 88.6 Plenty Valley FM in Victoria and 2 EAR FM in New South Wales to name a few.

“The positive reaction to our new music is truly outrageous and inspirational to say the least and is truly an honour,” said Jeffrey Hoad.

“To be appreciated musically is one of the greatest rewards offered to a band or musician” added The Rich and Famous front-man.

With such stellar results, the story has only just begun. All are encouraged to sign up at the bands website and follow them on their social sites for their next exciting instalment.


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