It’s been a long time in the making but today Norwegian indie rock maestro Mikhael Paskalev finally delivers his long-awaited and brilliantly crafted sophomore record, Heavy.

Although it shimmers with a pop sheen and pulsates with a deliberate groove, this is an album where Paskalev delves into his psyche and explores the human condition, as well as paradigms of love, the strain of relationships, and the revelations of new fatherhood. In other words, Heavy is its perfect title.

“The title for me is just what the album means to me, but not at all exclusively negative,” explains Paskalev. “It´s like being in love in a Heavy way. Or missing something in a Heavy way. The weight of knowing where I want to go with an album, or how great I want it to become, but still not knowing how to get there. But at least I feel like making something that will be Heavy. It´s double-loaded emotionally. Or it´s kind of what I do with songwriting, taking my entire emotional and personal range, and then adding a ton of weight behind it.”

Spearheaded by the brilliant debut single ‘Witness’ – a wild combination of pop and neo disco with a thundering bassline; rhythmic, measured guitar strums; and thrilling synth runs – the song set the tempo early for what the fans could expect from this new LP, all the while as Mikhael demanded that we “keep dancing!”


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