News: Young Robin set to release new single ‘Stay’ September 1


One of the most beautiful things about being in a band is the mateship that comes with it. From start to finish, top to tail, Perth indie quintet
Young Robin typify this universal quantity in every joy-filled note they play. September 1 marks the release of their brand new single Stay and signals the start of what is set to be a busy Spring.
Following on from their first two infectious singles Ferndully and Faker Faker, Stay finds the band concocting a whirlwind of dreamy guitars, catchy beats and carefree, effortlessly smooth vocals. Stay delivers this amazing serotonin injection with a masterful balance of enthusiasm and grace – a testament to the band’s natural chemistry.

As a new band, Young Robin have a full tank of youthful energy and an endless highway to explore as they embark upon the wondrous road trip that is being in a band. At the heart of it all are five friends whose paths are intertwined by the music they make and the people they will meet because of it. Only time will tell what twists this journey will take, but without a doubt Stay is the most perfect step forward.

“…genuinely difficult to watch Young Robin and not feel just so happy…the chemistry of the band members was seriously infectious.” Anthony Worrall, Rotunda Media
Stay is out September 1 via all good digital retailers.




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